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The New Black Creative

Letter from the editor.

When I created The New Black, I was really looking for a way to showcase the things I thought were dope with a bit more freedom than I had when working for others.  All of my complaints and criticisms of others were manifesting as a festering dark energy.  It was disguised as "a passion for my own art" but in reality, it wasn't at all an expression of my creativity.  I realized that the contempt I felt was really the creative aspect of me; starving.  I wasn't feeding it.  It's quite easy to get in the habit of judging, criticizing and comparing oneself to others but that is not a healthy way to express ourselves.  

After some serious self evaluation, I decided that in order for me to be truly happy as an artist, I had to express myself in my own way, through my own medium.  

This is a place for my consciousness to live virtually.  
I fully believe that we are part and parcel of the original creator.  Made with that DNA but suffering from an imbalance. 
I am here to create, hoping it inspires but I am bereft of the perfection of renunciation that the almighty creator has.  So I'm sensitive about my $h*t.

So please be patient.  I'm trying.