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I'm Ananta. 

I started The New Black Inc. in 2012 to create a place where creative works could live.  I wasn't sure at the time whether it would be a physical endeavor or live in a digital environment but I knew I wanted to have a place for my creativity to live. 

Fast-forward to 2018.  I am currently working on spreading Love as far and wide as I can.  The only way I know how, is through my art.  Through photography, through painting and drawing, through music.  I am proud to say that those efforts will live here, on thnwblk.com. 

My blog area will be a stream of consciousness, hopefully manifested in some art medium, but also maybe just a digital scrap book of ideas.  I will also be creating video content. (Let's see how that goes smh) 

Ultimately, I guess this site will serve as my digital sketch book, gallery, and journal.

so that being said, please keep in mind I'm an artist...

and I'm sensitive about my shit!



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