— me

Lets not do the whole “about” section where I am secretly writing a bio about myself from the eyes of some very committed and loyal albeit make believe publicist. It’s really only hard to do these things, because talking about yourself is really tool-y.


All that being said, My name is Ananta. I am an artist. I feel really deeply and I am sensitive and all that. THNWBLK started as a place for me to create all the dope stuff that I wanted to see, but didn’t. It was quite successful but now it has become something else as I haver evolved. The world doesn’t really need another artist/photographer/musician. It does however need a me. Just like it needs a you. I used to make things that were basically my best impression of people I thought were amazing. The one teaching I got from all of those people that was consistent, was to add the ‘you’ to what you’re doing.

This is the me y’all.

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