THNWBLK Creative Solution is opening to portraits

Headshots, beauty portraits, creative portraits, we are excited to shoot with you.
We have been a bit reluctant to open up to these portrait sessions because our personal ideas of the portrait differ from the thoughts on the current climate of portraiture.

Kamala Hi Res.jpg

We have sort of a minimalist approach to the portrait.
Our headshots don’t have heavy make up or a lot of retouching.
Our Beauty is not so heavily retouched either, rather, we love to showcase the beauty of our subjects.
We love to show the work of the makeup artists we work with.

tabria evian.jpg

We love to create vibes, moments, memories. We creative friendships and then we make imagery.

Tabria Beauty.jpg

That’s what it’s all about for us.
Ultimately, we have a love for the art of things.

If you are interested in working with us (& we hope you are)
Please contact us for pricing and availability.

A Day With Arjé

thnwblk decided to spend some time with some of our faves. Oliver and Bessie, who are Arjé.


A while back, we wandered into the oasis that is the gorgeous boutique on 52 Wooster and immediately fell in love.   The vibe is “home”.  No superficiality, no artificial behavior, just genuine family vibes.  As it turns out, Oliver and Bessie are quite close with a few of my close friends, which would make sense.  The most amazing thing though, is the collection.  Season after season, they crank out a very specific and focused collection of clothing that begs to be worn.  

All of it practical, and amazing, so of course we decided to make imagery with it. 


We have been pretty obsessed with truly making our own content here recently.  People, Brands, Art that we love.  Bessie and Oliver are that!  Such amazing people.  Enveloped in the art  of living.  If you get an opportunity poke your head in and say hi! You won’t be disappointed. 


Model: Tasneema
Words & Images: a. 


It’s been a long time coming.
I have been in mental anguish over how best to present my ideas.
My art is my opinion; as such, it’s subjective and that’s just unsettling.
It has basically paralyzed my ability to express myself in many cases.

I guess it would make sense to explain a bit of my personal philosophies at this point.

I believe that we are made with the DNA of God.
I am to understand, through scriptures that I study, that God, is complete with six supreme opulences.

• Beauty
• Fame
• Wealth
• Strength
• Wisdom & Intelligence
• Renunciation

This kinda makes me understand the ideas I have of myself a little better! HA!
And truth be told, tapping into the DNA of the supreme creator has left many an artist feeling the effects of that very powerful creative energy.
I see the imbalance. I feel it.
The desire, possession and obsession with these opulences leaves one really pushing the boundaries of our limited states of being.
Ok, this is getting a little deep, but, the point is, MY imbalance comes from the lack of renunciation.
The idea that as we create, we have to allow everyone the free will to experience us on their terms.


As I am writing this I am wondering how you’ll perceive me. How you’ll perceive this.

Frozen. Stuck. Paralyzed, my art and expression was stagnant.

cuz… That helps no one.

So here we are at the introduction to


Our opinions expressed in art form.
I am trying to create a place that resonates my mission statement but in the current social global climate I have to expect that not everyone will agree with me. I have to be ok with that… and that is tough.

BUT… God created the universe and all of us.
then, gave us all the free will to destroy our environment, mistreat one another and disavow any and all recognition of the existence of God.

So… I mean…
I should at least try my hand at being renounced to the ideas that someone’s scrutinizing ideas will truly affect me. (after all, I definitely criticized Lebron, from my couch, and it NEVER stopped him from being pretty damned amazing.)


Thoughtfully presented works residing at the intersection of artistic expression.


Please make it your home to relax for a few and experience our thoughts and ideas.