Every time I pass this tree I think "This is insane"  He's a pretty interesting guy... don't you think? 
I finally stopped and spent some time with him.  I can only imagine the things he's seen. 

Sitting there reminded me of two tales I'd heard about trees.  One was regarding the tree's behavior and the other was an alternative purport to a well known story. 

The first was told to me by a sadhu (sanksrit word for holy man) as told to him by an older sadhu. 

He said to me "When the tree is barren and dry... empty, it stands tall.  It is not weighed down by anything; but when the tree is adorned with delicious ripened fruits, when it is in full bloom with beautiful leaves and fragrant flowers, when it is truly at the height of it's potential and purpose, it hangs low.  This is a symbolic representation of how we are.  When we are empty and no where near our full potential, we stand tall, proud.  When we are filled with the fruits of wisdom, when we are approaching our potential, we begin to humble ourselves.  The trees hang low so that you can better experience what they have for you.  We must be humble to serve." 

Really deep... like... really!!!

The other story I'd heard was an alternate story behind the tale of Moses and the burning bush.
This tale was told to a friend of mine by an old rabbi.  He said that there was some sort of discrepancy in translation in this story.  The word that was used for bush was something like "sneh" (please forgive me if I am spelling/telling this incorrectly).  It was very uncommon and that the word that was actually used was more like "elchghchg" pronounced similarly.  It literally means what you would think, "YUCK" or something of that nature.  
As the story goes, Moses had been trying to find a way to help his people.  He truly wanted to do God's work and in that endeavor he was travelling deep within himself to be a true servant.  As he was wandering in this mindset, he came upon a burning... bush, of sorts.  It was at this time he hear the voice of the Lord.  He was overwhelmed.  One could only imagine what that would be like.  But, what the Lord told him was most amazing.  According to this version of the story, the burning bush was NOT the Lord.  The Lord was however speaking to Moses and explained to him, "This burning bush is your resentment.  You have been harboring this resentment for so long and it has been keeping you from hearing me.  I have been speaking to you all along, every day.  It was not until you gave up this resentment, toward your family, the world, the oppressors, that you were able to hear me." 

This resonates so deeply with me.  We have to be as "transparent" as possible if we are going to be used as a conduit for a greater purpose.  To contaminate that work with personal agenda is as dangerous as misleading or working as an opposition to the greater purpose. 

It's a constant battle... but there are reminders all over the place.
If you can see them. 

All this from a visit with a tree. :) 


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