Perception is reality right?
I was recently asked about editing images (photoshopping).  How I feel about it and how do I use do it. 
It's pretty simple.  I feel like we all do a fair amount of "editing" to be presented the way we want to be seen... in real life.  All things in moderation is my personal opinion but to each their own.
In pictures though, I like to let the skin on my subjects breathe.  I like texture and pores.  I like people to be perfectly imperfect, if that makes any sense.  

My friend Gemma came by the studio!! 
her skin is absolutely amazing and I felt like to edit the natural feel of it out of a picture does it (and her) an injustice.  So... here she is! 

But my real message, for those who want to hear it, is to be comfortable. 
If we didn't edit ourselves, by way of haircuts, cutting our nails, brushing our teeth, etc. things would get disastrous very quickly.  We all present ourselves as best as we can, so yes to edits.
Be happy with YOU first though.  It will make all of your other decisions better. 


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