We have begun work on the 2016 A/W LiK campaign.  Christina Vega was here (and will be working behind the camera as MUA) to... well, basically change the world.  

We had a concept, that I basically drew out and sent her some time ago and we both loved it.  Luckily, she forgot to bring the makeup to make that happen, so we got to go to Sephora.  The reason I say luckily, is because although I know Christina, it was awesome to see how the rest of the world responds to her.  They LOVE her.  Rightfully so.  She is a dope soul full of energy and life.  REALLY FULL OF LIFE.  Christina is also 6 months pregnant!  I can't wait to meet the little guy!  

In perfect accordance with the campaign, we discussed spreading love throughout the world and shifting our consciousness to a different place.  The images came out great and I can't wait to share them and the "big picture" with you. 



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