When I was in India a few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting JituRaj (the biggest radio personality over there... I know. Totally random). We were on his show and after, we took photos with him.  He would never show his face. He said "That's my thing.  No one ever sees my face.  And even if they do, I always have on my glares."   I have since been calling my sunglasses glares.  I like it.  More importantly, I have been analyzing the amount of security my glares provide.  The windows to my house have curtains and blinds, why shouldn't the windows to my soul?  What am I hiding? Whatever the hell I want!!! hahaha.  Seriously though, at times I feel that it is the same as having people peering into your living room at dinner time.  Sure we invite people in and hope they enjoy the stay, but sometimes the house looks beautiful from the outside with the curtains drawn.  Not that my glares are always appropriate but they are definitely comforting.  Function!!!! And why not make them as dope as possible if you're going to have them on tinting your windows.   So now you know why I love my glares. 


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