Success is not for everyone.  Honestly, the criteria should be a bit more strict.  The success gods are very kind.  That is not to say that success is easily attained.  It takes hard work, discipline, etc.  I am referring to the obligation that is attached.  

The fact is that "success" is admirable.  By default, that makes the "successful", admirable as well.   This is where I feel, the obligation lies.  At the point of success, role model status is achieved.  YES!!! you did ask to be a role model by the expression of your talents, passion and contribution to society.  It is now a responsibility.  The sheer influence that the successful have on society is so great that it can't be taken lightly.  Inspire. Be better, always.  It takes a large amount of humility to live your life as a service but that is the real success and the only way that you can truly qualify to have 'folllowers'


That's just G-Code. 


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