I used to be a bit put off by the ‘lack of enthusiasm’ I sensed from peers when they found out about my endeavors.  I toyed with the idea of my creativity not being up to par.  I imagined that I may not be one of the special people of the world.  I even thought that maybe if I became like others, my efforts would be received with more positivity. 

While sometimes, those assessments are correct (no not the one about you being one of the special people of the world. Everyone is amazing in their specific way), more often than not, it is not you.

It’s them.


Your success, progress or even efforts are challenging to those that are close to you.  Even if your activities are incorrectly perceived by others, they are still a barometer for the people closest to you.


It’s the equivalent of being part of a scientific study.  If you are all (your peer group) in similar situations, with similar opportunities, your success means that it is a possibility in the other subjects’ situations. 

Your success challenges others to evaluate their 'stagnated' state. 


It is really tough for someone to feel a sense of support and encouragement for the people closest to them if they are struggling with insecurities within themselves. 


It’s not you.  Witnessing your close peers lend their support to those furthest from them is not at all about you.  It’s safe.  It allows them to continue living their lives without the harsh judgement of themselves.  This is why it seems that people are more willing to support others, from afar.  Whether it be physically, geographically or emotionally, that distance is way less threatening to the ego and sometimes when they want to be a supportive person, this is the safest bet. 

I had to learn this to successfully allow myself to operate without the approval of my peers.  It would be nice, but it is not a prerequisite for your endeavors. 

Operating without the approval of your peers can create distance, which in essence may be the healthiest thing for those relationships. 

Ultimately, you will become the barometer for success; in your life and for those around you. 
It’s never about the way others gauge your achievements, it’s more about your happiness. 

That happiness translates to positivity and your intentions will reflect that. 

…and that is how we begin to spread love!






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