I had a completely different post all set to go for today, but it’s my birthday, so I decided to take a bit of a turn.  I have been quite fortunate as far as blessings go.  Not necessarily in relation to the idea of the acquisition of things, but more along the lines of understanding that I have been fortunate.  That is the blessing.  I am in the middle of writing a book on my experiences living in this body and what it all means.  there is a part where I talk about the idea of depression.  I won’t go into detail but I believe that it is the moment we stop believing in magic.  The moment that “reality” sets in and we realize the material world for what it is.  The variable, however, is the magic.  The fact that we are blessed.  Not in contrast or comparison to anyone else.  Not exclusively in the things that we know and acknowledge.  We are blessed with the opportunity to work on ourselves everyday.  The self isn’t this body or even the mind.  The self is the soul.  This is the only place we can access that opportunity.  I decided to challenge myself to the idea that I can make progress everyday.  There was a point in the Matrix movie where a kid was talking to Neo.  This kid was bending a levitating spoon with only the mind.  Then the kid says “don't try to bend the spoon, that would be impossible.  Instead try to bend the mind.”  That is the magic.  I see so many people living in their fantasy worlds and they are legitimately happy.  So is that world really fantasy if it exists for them?  If it makes them happy?  

I don't feel like there are mistakes in this world.  I feel like there are situations that are put here to help us figure out how to be better people.  That is how I want to live.  Bending the mind.  Working on getting the soul right.  

Challenging myself, one day at a time to improve.

Today's challenge: No more easy shots.
In life, it’s time to make greater efforts in all endeavors.


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