Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to dig deeply into your art.
For me it is the most vulnerable place.  It is a place where we play God.  
But we aren't God at all.  
The amount of renunciation that God has is limitless and immeasurable.
To create and be detached from the way we scrutinize and criticize and exploit. 
I am definitely not that.  
I can’t even understand that type of detachment and renunciation. 

But I do give myself permission to be in that deep creative space. 
Right in the heart of the pit of scrutiny of others.
It is the scariest and truest place. 

Permission to sing a selfie.
Or write my insecurities on a screen or a piece of paper. 

And when I am done, it no longer belongs to me. 
Detachment alone is mine.
And even that I will give up.


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