K(eep) I(t) S(weet) & S(imple)

Jenn visited the studio a while back and I shot her.  ...And the thing I loved most was that she wears light makeup.  This is my personal favorite look for a number of reasons.  It feels natural and fresh.  It is clean and seems so simple, effortless.  But most of all, when you kiss her on the cheek... your lips don't get all discolored.  I wish I could express to you how upset it makes me to walk around all day looking like I was kissing cocaine and no one tells me.  Then I get home and look in the mirror.  There are no words.  Also, I just think it is beautiful and shows a ton of confidence.  I also think that makeup when done properly is equally amazing, I can just never be too close to you.  #AshyLarryIsNotAFashionableLook 


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