Hey!!! Good morning. 

I was putting on my favorite fragrance this am and I was thinking... "UGH! is that too much?"  I am pretty conservative when it comes to how much one should wear, in so many ways. 

I feel like it is so intimate.  It is an experience that should be shared only with those that you are close with.  If someone can smell you, you're either very close, or you're wearing too much.  This is my philosophy on SO many things.  Religion, relationships, etc. 

With this huge surge in publishing one's life to social media, we have lost a sense of tact.  It is sometimes inappropriate to share your inner personal details with everyone.  You really have to assess whether you are sharing to inspire and help people, or is it self serving and "toot-age of one's own horn? 

I once heard a beautiful story about our love for God. 

In the morning, one puts on their (beloved's favorite) fragrance with the intention of seeing their loved one(s).  It is for a specific intention.  As they walk down the street, so many people will experience the fragrance.  It is inevitable.  You can't run up on people and say "NO!!! THIS FRAGRANCE IS NOT FOR YOU TO SMELL!!! CLOSE YOUR NOSTRILS!"   That is just crazy.  But in that regard, we really have to be sensitive about how much we put on.  Is it offensive to those around us?  Our intention is to please our beloved, not offend others.  THIS IS HOW WE NEED TO APPROACH OUR SPIRITUALITY!  

The way we interact with one another on a daily basis should reflect our relationship with God... and not be overwhelming or overbearing.  No one should feel forced to accept your point of views!  Because your points of view are just that, YOUR points of view.   

The same goes for our relationships.  The good, the bad, the intimacy... it's not for public consumption.   It is a very personal thing.  Those close to you can have access to some of that (if you want) but it is not for everybody.  To many chefs spoil the meal.  

There is a lot that should be reserved and intimate and somehow our society has neglected that.  

I get it.  It is a beautiful thing and you really want to share with the world!! But sharing and force feeding are two very different things.  

Let's aim to inspire.  :) 


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