Winter is just about here and I thought I'd share some of  my favorite coats.  Please let me preface this post by saying a few things. 

1. I have a serious problem that makes me excessively collect sartorial beauty. 
2. This post is just to give you a bit of insight into my philosophy behind winter wear. 
3. I REALLY hope this inspires people to put thought into their personal style.  

So.... here goes.... 


I love oilcloth! More than that... I love oilcloth on coats.  A technique that was primarily used for waterproofing luggage (mostly), applied to my coat is friggin genius.  In the redesign of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand, cues have been taken from the more fashion forward labels within Mr. Lauren's empire.  For this coat, the armholes are a bit higher & more snug, the silhouette is more refined and the lines are closer to the body.... All that to say, people will say "Wow I really like that coat.  It's pretty badass"  Trust me.  PLUS it's belted (the best!!!) ...and a double zipper.  I am always straddling the line between fashion and function.  I also love a rugged masculine look.  Can't go wrong here.  

Sandro!!!! I cannot say enough about this menswear collection.  A very european (specifically Parisian) look.  Not too trendy and not at all boring.  The cut of this coat is more 'straight' with a slightly cinched back.  The real beauty of this coat though,  is in the details.  The Shearling, zipper hood is what made me almost run out of the boutique without even paying for this thing.  The accents are all in a shiny silver finish which, I feel, adds SOOOO much.  Plus it is black...  I am on an all black (or close to it) kick for a while.  Sliming and quite easy to pull off.  With the hood on and a pair of you favorite winter shades (I will explain that next post) you are fashionably telling the world that you are no longer dealing with it's shit. 

The STAPLE.  I am going to have to do a separate post on 'The Parka'.  It is the all purpose coat.  You can wear one over your suit (just trust me, you can).  You can wear it with jeans or sweats.  You can smile like you're in a catalog ad *as seen above*,or go aggressively sartorial gangster in it.  It is always appropriate (some exceptions may apply)  This is another Ralph Lauren piece.  You may notice a trend developing as I post more.  Disclaimer: Of all the reasons I wear Ralph Lauren, at the forefront is that it wears so well that is looks just as good old as it does new.  And I keep ,my stuff for a long time.  The warmest of the bunch and it is belted as well so I never feel like the Michelin man.  


I will post more ..... eventually but I Am just getting started.  
Meanwhile... Which one is is your fave?  I'd love to hear what you think.  Hope you get some ideas for yourself or to gift someone.  Then, tell me about it.




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