So.... faced with the (1st) blizzard of 2015, I get to actually sit and edit some images.  It is so funny how we spend so much of our time ripping and running.  Speaking to some of my acquaintances put things into perspective.  Truly put things into perspective.  People complaining about the snow, and how it was going to create such a headache.  In worrying about the "aftermath", in anticipating or dreading something that is "to come", we lose the moment.  Understanding inevitability should actually be liberating.  For example, we are all going to die.  It is a fact.  But thinking of that time when we have to leave our loved ones to begin/return/enjoy/suffer new and different circumstances (depending on what you believe), and letting that time ruin the moment you're currently in, is truly a waste.  The idea that you only live once is liberating.  Not in a "I am going to get drunk everyday and neglect everything" kinda way.  But in a responsible way where you truly seize the moments and remain engaged.  
So I am trying to understand  my friends that are absorbed in dreading this storm.  Not only are you going to have to shovel, and endure the BS that comes with the aftermath... but you're going to also spend THIS time NOT relishing the time.  It is amazing how perspective changes.  If you're not saving the world, and no one that you need to work with (to save the world or not) can work... why are you upset that you're snowed in?

Maybe we move too fast.  Maybe we become consumed with the wrong things.  Take a minute and allow the "still", the confinement to be therapeutic.  

Laugh... have a real laugh.

I was just looking at some images from this weekend with Monet and just seeing her infectious smile, the images of her laughing, reminded me of the amazing time we had.  We are doing what we love.  We are dedicating our time and energy to it.  We are investing... in happiness.  


When you look back, you'll have no regrets. 


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