thnwblk decided to spend some time with some of our faves. Oliver and Bessie, who are Arjé.


A while back, we wandered into the oasis that is the gorgeous boutique on 52 Wooster and immediately fell in love.   The vibe is “home”.  No superficiality, no artificial behavior, just genuine family vibes.  As it turns out, Oliver and Bessie are quite close with a few of my close friends, which would make sense.  The most amazing thing though, is the collection.  Season after season, they crank out a very specific and focused collection of clothing that begs to be worn.  

All of it practical, and amazing, so of course we decided to make imagery with it. 


We have been pretty obsessed with truly making our own content here recently.  People, Brands, Art that we love.  Bessie and Oliver are that!  Such amazing people.  Enveloped in the art  of living.  If you get an opportunity poke your head in and say hi! You won’t be disappointed. 


Model: Tasneema
Words & Images: a. 


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