Why Love.

Our mission statement.


In trying to understanding how the mind works, I’d been focusing heavily on meditation.
It is a very intense process, or at least it can be.
The mind is the most difficult thing to try to control.  Especially in this age of instant digital gross subliminal distraction.  The mind wants to multi task.  Netflix, while eating and checking Instagram and Facebook. 

Quieting the mind is probably the most impossible task one could dream up. 

So with all the stimulants, what to do? 

I think it’s all about training.

Mantra Meditation.

Think of it like trap music… for your mind.  Mind Trap.

The idea of trap is to have a dope beat and a very repetitive message.  Before you know it, you’re trained.  Not only do you know the song and lyrics (whether you understand the message or not) but it gets trapped in your head.

My personal mantra is  about asking to be of service.

The more I tried to execute that, the more I realized how diverse that idea was.

We argued over whether black lives mattered, or all lives mattered.
We realized that there was unfair pay amongst people performing the same jobs with comparable results.  We were speaking totally different languages. 

Love though.

How would I treat you if I loved you?

It cuts through all the BS. 

Would I shoot you in the street, in cold blood if I loved you? Whether your black life mattered, or all of your life mattered? Would I exploit you? Ask you to accept less for what I give someone more for?

There is a laundry list of daily instances that have me reflecting about what love would do if presented the same situation. 

So I began to write it.  Everywhere.  In my art.  On my clothing.  In the studio.


As a constant reminder.  To train my mind.  To trap my mind. 

Now, when I act, I often think, “you can’t act like this if you’re repping love.”

The constant meditation on this gift we’ve been given by God.  LOVE. 

Constantly reminding myself… 


Somehow it works.



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