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They say it’s easier to catch the wind with your hands than it is to control the mind.
The way though, is to occupy it. 
It’s like a baby.  You can’t take a toy away from a baby and think there won’t be misery. 

Apparently, the best thing to do is replace it with something better. 

We continually become frustrated with the manner in which the world deals with us.

All of us.

So we gotta make our own.
We are fine with being invited to the table, to the party, but not only will we not beg entrance, we invite you now, to come to our own DOPE party. 

There is no lack of talent or creativity.  There is no lack of motivation or desire.
It is evident in the way we make all those around us great (again & again).

Please give yourself permission to be the dopest. 

But be the dopest.  No more half ass art.  No more horrible editing. No more mediocre efforts.

No more degradation in our music.  

No more hate, of ourselves or anyone else. 


We have made a choice to use ‘Love.’ As our mission statement and do all things with that in mind. 

Now we raise the bar. 


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