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Beautiful images and stories with people that represent the world of thnwblk.

Just thought it was time to take the reins.  

So many of the gorgeous people in our world fit snuggly into our scope of what editorial is;
to the extent that we decided to make a series defining what that meant.

EDITORIAL+ is that series.
With the overwhelming (& extremely welcomed) movement of inclusivity that we are currently experiencing, we knew it was time.

Our take: While everyone is encouraged to create and express themselves, when making art, it is important to take our respective crafts seriously. With no real gatekeepers determining what works (as art), what is “published” (cuz what does that even mean anymore?), what IS art, we somehow need to keep the standards of excellence in tact.

I was once asked in an interview how I felt about the amount of photographers that have seemingly popped up in the last decade or so. I felt awkward answering, because on one hand, it’s irrelevant what I think, and on the other, I was being interviewed because people definitely take stock in what (some) other people think.
The truth is, it’s tough because the advent of so many photographers doesn’t allow for those that wish to be successful photographers to relent.

With so many people claiming the art as their favorite medium for expression, it is more and more difficult to stand out. This, coupled with a culture of instant gratification and subsequent disposal makes it extremely tough for artists to avoid getting lost In a sea of photographers and images.

So this is my answer. We create for us.

One of the tenets I subscribe to: do your duty and be detached from the results.

If we create from the place in us that needs to express itself, we will be satisfied in our endeavors and won’t be enslaved by our consumer base.

EDITORIAL+ is a place for us (me) to make imagery that I want to see. It really doens’t benefit anyone to continually demonize people for excluding the things that I like in their art.

Here we are.


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