Letter from the Editor:

I debated on whether or not to post this.
It’s too raw. It’s too real. 
My father was a press photographer for many years and the amount of stories he told. The things he saw. He’s the GPS for my life. As I get older I realize, he was really trying to work it all out just like I’m trying to work it out and still be the superhero for my son that my dad IS for me. Anyways, there are so many “REALITIES” we have to face in this lifetime. I’m NOT a reportage photographer but I realize the need to see the world as it is and give my kid straight talk. I pray that this world gets better, I pray for those who are suffering. I pray for all the parents that push through and have to make this a better place for their... OUR kids. I know however, that THAT is not the purpose of this material world. Our purpose is to serve and love one another despite whatever the world has in store. I don’t take these images from a neutral position. I am very much attached. I pray for all of us. I love all of us. God bless y’all today. 🙏🏾
New York City 
June 2019.



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