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Sometimes, as an artist, the toughest thing to do is trust your instincts.
It’s really easy to become doubtful of yourself when you feel like expressing yourself in a way that is completely foreign to the feel of everything else you see.
Am I wrong? Am I bugging? Is this not as dope as I think it is?
Gently cajoled by an algorithm, to create what everyone likes, with a promise of exposure, fame.
That story rarely ends how the artist wants it to.
The one thing you have, is you.
And while we have become so creatively talented that we can emulate one another, the one thing that can’t be done, is make another you.
It is tempting to contribute to the sea of similarity. The collective energy will support that behavior. It is safe and comfortable. It’s proven to be effective.
It’s also a trap. It’s an age old tale of a person thinking that once I get you to like 'this’ me, I will show you the real me and it will be all good.
No one really knows how to process the idea that you’ve been “lying” to them this whole time.
I don’t know who this ‘real’ you is… I fell in love with the other you.
Getting stuck there is oppressive… and depressing.

There is however a spirit inside of you.
You’d probably be shocked at how many people it resonates with.
Moreover, you’d probably be shocked at how much you resonate with you.

The Zeitgeist is not necessarily a bad thing, but historically, the disrupters are the ones who are remembered.

I know what the general mood is.
I know what photography is supposed to be right now.
I know what a model is supposed to look like right now.
I know what fashion is supposed to look like right now.
I know we have to follow a set of rules and play this game, right now.

I just feel a little better vibrating right here.
Not critical of anyone that chooses to play it differently.
Just doing things how they feel right for me.

At the very least, I know I cannot be replaced.
Not genuinely.

This is the kind of image I love.
I don’t know if the algorithm does…
but those things, algorithms, are fickle and demanding and unpredictable.
I never know what kind of relationship I am in with them from day to day.

Better I do what feels right for me.
At least a little.

Trust my inner zeitgeist.


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