A democracy is an amazing thing.

As amazing as it is, it has no place in my art.
If you give people a say, chances are they are gonna start ‘saying’

Let me explain a little by saying, photography is not the art it once was. Most people have access to a camera and the idea of creating imagery has drastically evolved. Being brought on to create images nowadays becomes an extreme group effort and is not the sole responsibility of the artist behind the camera (even though the blame WILL be the photographer’s if it doesn’t work out).

Art directors and producers… designers… etc. are all really vested and have opinions.
Photographers in the modern world are largely artisans rather than artists.

I can’t be that (all the time).
So I put my opinion into my own work.
Being critical of everyone else is such a HUGE waste of time.
Everyone knows better… so how come there isn’t a lot of “better”?
It seems that we have become content with the idea of “being critical” as our actionable contribution.

I found myself looking at things and being critical of them…
Such a waste.
What is my opinion?
What do I have to say?
If I don’t like someone’s image, if I think it could be better, I gotta make a better image.
Funny thing is,
In creating my own, I will almost certainly gain insight, understanding and/or hopefully respect for those that have traveled down this road before me.
I will also get my opportunity to experience what that scrutinizing critical audience is like.
Then, you start to realize, there isn’t really a “better”.
There is a ‘different’ there are alternatives, but better is so relative… and specific to our individual preferences and experiences.

A place for my opinions to live.
I am at peace with the idea that I make the things I want to see.


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