Sunday night
Team meetings about what we wanted to say for NYFW.
It hit kinda instantly; some of our favorite people, some of the most inspiring people, some of the most beautiful people would be here.
Let’s pay homage the iconic, legendary talents that kicked the industry open.

Monday we sent a message out to our faves and included some ideas about what we were thinking.
The legendary support models shot by Peter Lindbergh as the inspiration.
EVERYONE was on board. Like the perfect storm. It’s usually impossible to get this much talent in the same place with availability. We set up for Thursday am!!!

Wednesday am. We learned that Peter Lindbergh had passed on.
He was an inspiration not only for this shoot but fro me personally. The advice he’d given me. The philosophy behind his art. His demeanor. I was kind of heartbroken.
It reminded me of a quote of his.

“There's something else that makes a woman interesting, something beyond being young or being old. And I'm going to find out what that something else is before I die, I hope.”

Immediately, memories of my own near death experience were conjured.
The truth is that we are always really close to death, but Peter, in my opinion, had achieved at least the purpose of fulfilling the conquest in this quote.

This shoot instantly became more than just some images. We had the most amazing time.
We looked beyond the externals and the superficial reasons we were out there.
We were experiencing the “something special that makes women interesting”.

We are really proud and inspired by these images.
They are the mood board for going into our new endeavors.

Hope you love them like we do.
This new class of icons is undeniably irresistible.
Congrats to ALL of you. We see you!!!
In such awe of you. Congrats to you and continued success.