This past weekend I met with my friend Courtney! 
We met up due to a total misunderstanding but as always (when you're my friend) somehow you end up in front of my camera and we make magic.  

I decided to ask Courtney a few questions because ... well because she is pretty awesome (as is her hair) and she's kind of a big deal!!!!  


Who inspires you?


There isn’t one individual person that inspires me but a collective of people that inspire me in different ways. It's cliche but without a doubt my family inspires me. They planted the entrepreneurial seed. Secondly, my friends and my followers. When I initially started blogging I wanted to reach and HOPEFULLY inspire other women like myself. Now, actually hearing women say that I inspired them inspires me. It inspires me to be better and to grow; it’s extremely humbling. Lastly, the wide range of content creators, especially women of color. Watching their platforms grow and witnessing the accomplishments and accolades they have received is nothing less than amazing.



What made you go natural?


I decided 6 years ago that I wanted to go natural. I was curious about my natural hair because I had a relaxer since I was 8 years old. My hair had always been long and thick but I knew without the relaxer my hair could be much healthier. At the time I made the decision to go natural I was in undergrad and I didn’t believe the weather and the water would be conducive to growing out my relaxer and still maintain healthy hair. A few years later I actually went through the transitioning process, which is an even longer story.


What do you want to give people?


I want people to be inspired. When I was transitioning someone told me I wasn’t the natural type and I didn’t know what that meant. I remember thinking “So being my natural self isn’t really me?” like WHAT? I knew I wasn’t the only woman who had been told something ridiculous like that and I wanted to reach other and tell them "Be you! If you think it’s dope, then do it, and slay it!” I also want to uplift women, especially young girls. Always reminding them they are beautiful and they are Queens.


Gotta love that in this world there are people that are genuinely caring and want to help.

Thank you Courtney! 


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