I've recently made it a practice to walk around the city and shoot every and anything I find inspiration in.  You can imagine how many things I shoot on a daily basis now!!! 

One of the things that inspired me was this guy!! Shingy.  I was looking at his hair and had to say something to him.  We began to talk and immediately we hit it off.  Great energy!  Lia, his beautiful better half, joined in and the convo got even better.  We got deeper as we talked more and I told them I needed to shoot both of them together.  

The whole transaction happened on a rainy Soho street, while I am sure, everyone involved had "something else" they should've been doing... but instead, we took the time to stop and talk.  At a certain point, Shingy actually said those words to me "thanks for stopping us and speaking."  It is such a lost art.  What is more lost, the fact that we don't dare to be individual.  What made me stop and talk to them was the originality and individuality of the aesthetic.  It is liberating to freely express oneself and not give a crap about someone else's "system preferences".  

I was immediately reminded of a quote I'd heard a long while ago.  "Who wants to be normal in an insane place?"

This world is admittedly becoming more and more crazy... Do we really want to fit in? 
Why not be you?  Why not explore your individuality and share that with the world?  Why not celebrate our differences?  That's the true beauty of the world.  

Let the world experience the best you. 



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