We kept knowing the same people.  We were good friends on social media, and let's be honest, that is actually a thing nowadays... but we'd not met in person.  

Seeing someone's style on your little screen is one thing, but you can totally get let down when things get life sized.  Not at all the case here.  

Vesna and I decided to shoot... the night before the shoot.  I love shooting inspirational people, irrespective of how they inspire, she definitely lived up to it.  Three outfits, practical outfits that were all "her" and amazing and inspired at the same time. 

Of course, it kinda feels like cheating because she is a pro stylist and it's her job to make people look good, but that hasn't stopped people from dropping the ball when it comes to themselves.  

I asked Vesna how she got into the biz and she basically told me that it was a really organic thing.  People loved her style and it translated into her helping, inspiring people to be dope (sartorially speaking of course).  But that isn't it, we chopped it up and talked about all kinds of things and found that more than the actual clothing, the energy makes everything so awesome.  

So we decided... we will be working on more projects and more sartorial art to for you all!! 



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