Sometimes, you have to dig really deep.  And if you're lucky, you'll find that you're actually fighting yourself.  

We live in a world where you can sit on your couch and criticize Lebron James for not being a better basketball player.  Who would want that?  Not me! Realizing my goal of reaching the highest competitive platform the world has to offer for my craft, just to be criticized... no thanks.  I remember being very critical of my idols.  The people that I looked to for inspiration.
It is completely ridiculous.  This idea of standards, goals and ideas set by people that can only imagine what it takes to make them happen.  ONLY IMAGINE.

This 'judgement' of our peers,idols, neighbors is a HUGE obstacle for the self.  This is completely indicative of how we treat ourselves.  I would never want to be held to the standard that I hold others to.

Once I got past all of my excuses, I learned that the judgement is actually some sort of defense of my ego.  As long as I can see imperfections in others, it will allow me to compare my situation, my accomplishments, my failures, to theirs comfortably.  This comparison is the worst obstacle.  It is, as they say, the thief of joy.  

Quoting a good friend of mine "I created my best stuff when I stopped judging myself" 
That was a conversation I was having with India Arie.

No judgement.  No comparison. Just be!!! 


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