You get what you're looking for.
It's funny how I depending on who you are, life happens differently.  

A few weeks ago I was out and about shooting.  We would go from location to location seeking inspiration.  We'd stop along the way and shoot and laugh and shoot and laugh.  It was a very good day.  Most people would see us and wait before they walked through our little session.  We assured them that it was quite alright to walk through and thanked them for their courtesy.  It's usually like that on the streets.
Not for this gentleman though.
He walked right through, with a bit of disdain for our existence in that space it seemed. 
He looked like he may have been hard on his luck or maybe just dealing with a lot.
Either way, I can only imagine how obnoxious we must have looked blocking up the sidewalk, loudly laughing, very carelessly.

It was an interesting lesson.
I initially saw the situation from my personal perspective.  This gentleman was not at all concerned with our situation. 
Then I realized that we were equally as unconcerned with his.  
While we go about our day, we can become consumed with trivial battles that get more attention than they need.  Some people are fighting real battles that we should be mindful of. Things that are at least as important to them as my issues are to me.

Learning to be mindful.
This picture has become a favorite... it reminds me that other people exist!


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