usually... It's the eyes. My most expressive images are focused on the eyes. But her...  It's all in her hand gesture.   And although the gesture says it all, I couldn't explain it if I tried.  Sometimes images want out and the artist has nothing to do with it. 






Goga stopped by the studio yesterday.  Beauty and talent.  She is a lingerie designer.  Look forward to her line.... coming soon. 



the words.

My interest in words.... imagine, they are effectively intangible, with the power to wound, inspire or touch someone so deeply that it manifests physically.   What an amazing thing. 



Tinted Windows


When I was in India a few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting JituRaj (the biggest radio personality over there... I know. Totally random). We were on his show and after, we took photos with him.  He would never show his face. He said "That's my thing.  No one ever sees my face.  And even if they do, I always have on my glares."   I have since been calling my sunglasses glares.  I like it.  More importantly, I have been analyzing the amount of security my glares provide.  The windows to my house have curtains and blinds, why shouldn't the windows to my soul?  What am I hiding? Whatever the hell I want!!! hahaha.  Seriously though, at times I feel that it is the same as having people peering into your living room at dinner time.  Sure we invite people in and hope they enjoy the stay, but sometimes the house looks beautiful from the outside with the curtains drawn.  Not that my glares are always appropriate but they are definitely comforting.  Function!!!! And why not make them as dope as possible if you're going to have them on tinting your windows.   So now you know why I love my glares. 





My motto (one of them at least) is: Invest in things that hold value after you've lost interest.  It is a truth, my personal truth at least, that things hold the most value before you get them (courting/lusting stage) and once you no longer have them.  I go through so many different moods and styles that I have a bunch of stuff that I no longer want.  

My fix, I have begun to invest in things that are timeless.  Ralph Lauren items are, in my modest opinion, some of those things.  Not because they are soooo much better than anything else, but because they wear beautifully.  Most of the items look just as beautiful when they're .... gently experienced (wow I need to be in PR) as they do when they do brand new.  

Some of my new favorite accessories. from Double RL.



apology to the leaves

The way I understand it, Autumn is the most sincere time of year.
I have always been deeply affected by the fall.  It has the most character.  It feels the most genuine. 
I guess that is the way one behaves after all is said and done. 

When I was younger, somewhere in my travels, I heard that the beautiful oranges, the deep reds, the vibrant and mellow yellows, these were the true colors of the leaves. 

For preservation, leaves had some chemical or something in them that made them green.  Once that chemical runs out, their true colors can be seen.

What a beautifully, tragic, inspirational thought. 

You are the most beautiful when you can show your true self. 

For preservation you hide your beauty. 

Why do you do that? 

Is a life without showing your beauty a life at all?

When will you start to live?

I can’t imagine that you would sacrifice your true beauty, your nature, your color, so that you could live a longer mundane life. 

I hope it wasn’t my selfish judgmental behavior. 
I hope it wasn’t all for my benefit.  Living longer so I could be sheltered from the sun. Living so that I could breathe a little better. 

I know what it is like.  I have hidden my my(true)self for some sort of unsubstantiated manufactured idea of preservation. 

It hurt.

Dimming the individual I was so I could exist amongst the masses, the crowd.  I played along with everyone. 


Not realizing that it wasn’t just me that was a deep, deep red.  I didn’t know that everyone else was hiding their yellows and oranges.

Actually, I feel like if we would have been honest... I feel like if we could have been honest, from the beginning, we would have been so great. 

Please don’t hide it.  It is beautiful.  I swear.  They may or may not laugh at or mock you.  But I promise you, it is so frikking beautiful. 

I am so sorry I had a part in this.  I am so sorry that you don’t show your color. 
I swear you’re beautiful. 

... And if it is only in the Autumn, before you die, that you show yourself, I will be there to spend your last moments with you. 


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