2016 has been a sobering year.
The world has lost more legendary people than I care to count, or recount for that matter.
I was thinking of a quote from the Mahabharata this morning;
When asked what the most amazing thing he'd ever seen was,
King Yudhisthira replied
"Although throughout the history of the world, nobody has defied death, we continually act as if it, death, isn't inevitable."
The deep sorrow I feel, the gut wrenching feeling that consumes someone when they realize that "our time is over"...
It is fear.
That I won't be here to see "it"
My son, my family.
That "they" won't be here... and I have missed my opportunity. 
it's an interesting companion.


I have been analyzing it all day.
Franca Sozzani is the most recent person to elicit this sensation in my gut, my heart. 
Again, the most amazing thing.

I never would've expected.... 
But shouldn't I have?
Isn't life uncertain, while death is very much so?
What if I were scheduled to have a heart attack tomorrow?
Would I live today any differently?

As I look at everyone walking around, going to work, or play... or whatever, I am reminded that life goes on. 
Today I am sad about Franca, heartbroken actually.
Yesterday it was Allepo...
and before that it was Alan Thicke...
and before that, it was so many others.

But we go on.
Everyone goes on.
So what endures?

Would I have done things differently if I'd known?

Don't I know though? Isn't it a guarantee? Death?


So what to do now with this gripping fear of reality.  It is very clear and present.
All of my senses are awakened with this experience of life and it is liberating.

I offer my gratitude to fear.  The truthful friend in a circle of yes men.
He has no business calling the shots but he is definitely a welcomed and trusted advisor. 

Your council today is greatly appreciated. I hear you. Very clearly, I hear you.
your warning that we receive NO warning.

How liberating. 

Live it right. 
Live it right now.
Thank you fear, my friend and advisor.  You have been the catalyst for me to dig deeper today. 
I look forward to divine life with you by my side.


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