The perils of being a creative individual... 
If we are made in the image of God,
a belief with lateral consistency throughout most faiths,
then how can we not feel the desire to create?

But why the deep emotions?

Through studying eastern spiritual science, I can understand that there are six ways in which God is supremely opulent. 


It started to become evident that as a part, a parcel of The Supreme, we have the propensity to experience, exhibit and/or possess these qualities.
Our issue is the fact that there is a perfect balance in The Supreme, and we are left with an imbalance.

The depression of the creative individual comes from the attempt to "play God", for lack of a better description.

I think the key may be renunciation.
It balances everything out.
We cannot control anything so to allow our energy to be seriously affected by the beauty or fame etc. is futile.  

I will exercise this theory and get back to you. :) 



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