'as heard from a Sadhu (holy man)' adapted and told with poetic license and artistic liberty.

Wear our Love as we would a scent.
In the morning, we perform our rituals.
We bathe and groom appropriately.
Then, we put on our beloved's favorite scent. 'Love'

There is specific intention.  It is for the love of our lives...
but as we walk about the streets, others will also experience our scent.
Others will be affected.
We don't accost them and require that they stop smelling us.
"This scent is not meant for you! Shut down your olfactory senses at once!"
Everyone should experience... benefit from the way we want to attract our beloved. 

That is how we should share our love.  The Supreme Divine Love of our lives. 
It should be evident that we are in love.  In love of the highest kind. 

Walk around and spread the beautiful aroma and all that come in contact with you will understand LOVE.


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