I am not completely happy with the way my blog looks.  Actually, one of my favorite artist/photographers has the blog style I want.  Also, I am not really ready for the influx of traffic and business I am going to get when I DO really set up.  Also I wanna make sure everything is perfect when I put out my work.  I ALSO don't have enough content to start taking this seriously....

See that?  See all the things that I just told you that make no sense?  These are real things in my head.  Real excuses that I make for myself so I can't fail.... cuz I won't even try.  That's the gritty of it.  

Let's just unpack this a little.  

"I am NOT happy with the way my blog looks."
...So I am happier with the way NOTHING looks?  What we fail to realize is that there is a ton of fine tuning in any endeavor.  The humble beginnings of anything will be less appealing than a polished product.  Hell, if you walk in during the middle of a surgery, it looks like murder.  "one of your fave artists", is basically a new iteration of "the grass being greener over there".

"I am not ready for the influx..."
Please be ready for the influx of slow and steady persistent days you'll endure because you're not gonna magically and instantly become the Oprah/Beyonce of your craft .  It takes many years to hone your specific service to the world.  Be patient but don't excuse yourself from beginning because you're "not ready" for your imaginary gaggle of fans.

"I want it to be perfect..."
There is no such thing as perfection.  It's something we tell ourselves so that we can procrastinate into oblivion.  There will never be a perfect, so there will never be a time that I have to subject myself to the scrutinizing eyes of the all hateful & hurtful INTERNET TROLL!
(Please note... the internet troll should be used as an example of hard work and persistence.  They don't wait to be perfect before they criticize anyone.  They are relentless in their jobs of terrorizing creatives... and all people.  They sacrifice sleep for their craft and they will even criticize a "perfect" thing. Learn From The Troll!)

"I don't have enough content."
This is a great way to NEVER get anything done.  It's like saying,  "I don't have enough money to start saving money." or "I can't start this race from the beginning."  Sounds ridiculous when you realize it takes ONE act to start a thing.  Anything.  Everything


As long as we are looking at our 'work in progress' in contrast to masterpieces, we can be sidetracked.  EVERYONE is always a work in progress and the sooner you get started the sooner you can be immersed in your life's work!

Hope you take a step this morning. 



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