Hey Day!!!!

Hey Day!!!!

I was pretty impressed with the backlash from Giuliana Rancic's comment regarding Zendaya's choice to wear 'faux locks' to the Oscars.  

First let me say that the word 'impressed' is not a good or bad word.  It simply means that an impression was made.  

What was the problem?  Giuliana said that she thought Zendaya looked like she smelled of weed and patchouli.   
1. It's this woman's job to give her unsubstantiated, wack ass commentary on people... and trying to fill Joan Rivers very inappropriate yet big shoes, she "tried" 
2. There is a very interesting way we look at critics.  We somehow place them on a pedestal.  A pedestal labelled "expert".  There is no reason that we have to take these people's commentary seriously.  If there is criteria for qualifying them as experts, what makes Giuliana an expert on fashion all of a sudden?
3. We have established that some people really LOOOOVE that 1st amendment... until there are repercussions.  YES! you can say whatever you want... but that does NOT stop the reaction you'll get.  Hell, you're free to jump off of a building... but please don't turn around... all "how DAAARE gravity take affect and send me plunging to my death!  I should be able to jump from any building I want!"  Good luck with that.  
4. I know a LOT of people that were mad at this... but have dreads.... and smoke a lot of weed.  The comment made by Giuliana was ignorant.  The woman is ignorant.  What is it about our society that thinks they can cure ignorance like this.  We need to stop celebrating ignorance.  We need to get those jackasses out of the places that allow them to have influence.  Then people won't WANT to be ignorant.  Most of all.... are we looking for reasons to be mad?  She was trying to be funny... we are quite insensitive when we "joke".  Just give it right back.  ;)

My real concern is the fact that I have seen so many conflicting ideas about it from people of color.  I have heard people say that they do not like the trend of faux locks, I have heard people defend it.  I know people that have been growing their locks of years and resent those that do it "artificially" and some that are happy that the look is being embraced.  
Interestingly enough, in many cultures, the locks themselves represent an opposition to vanity.  Now they are embraced as a physical beauty.  

I feel that we live in a society laden with hypocrisy.  The amount of things that we do for beauty are truly immeasurable.  So what makes this any different?  

"Natural" would look absolutely crazy.  I am glad for the beauty routines, looks, etc. that we have.

I think Day looks frikkin fab with her locks.  I also know all of the shit she had to go through to be comfortable with herself as a woman in this judgmental world.   Keep kicking ass Day!

What do you think? 
(always keep in mind... there is someone on the end of your comments :)


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