The beautifully tragic thing about the digital age is that it is so amazingly occupying.  You can spend days straight (no sleep) on Facebook or lose yourself on the 'Gram.  A wonderful thing if it's being properly utilized, but more often than not, I miss out on so many of the things I truly love.  I often forget how much I love to create images.  Not just photographs, but simple pencil to paper or paint to canvas.  It's so easy to forget.  It is so easy to get caught up in the entertaining ease of Social media, or Netflix, or whatever.  I personally lost a couple of months between binging on Grey's Anatomy and refreshing my memory for the 3rd season of House of Cards (I literally went  missing for a month).  The sad truth is, I indulge in things that I feel are masterfully crafted.  I feel inspired by the creativity and the hard work that go into producing art in all forms (most forms...).  The key though, is to be inspired enough to take the time and master YOUR own craft.  

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, I say this; This age of instant gratification is killing art.  It is slowly dying off, at least in a lot of places.  With so many things to occupy our time, we neglect the art of living.  Fooled by this pop culture, we somehow think that mediocrity is acceptable.  IT'S NOT!  that's no way to live. 

We need to be in an intense pursuit of life, of art.  

So... back to the creative cave! at least for a few hours a day.  

• Meditate
• Practice
* Live

Pretty simple task list huh?  



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