This weekend I got the chance to hang with one of my faves, Eb.  As usual we spent a bunch of hours not knowing where the time went.  Life, Love, Family, Fashion... at a certain point we talked about 'The 2 Train To Paris'.  Eb's clothing line.  


"What is "The 2 Train To Paris"? 

"It's my life!" 

It was that simple.  she went on to explain that is was her journey.  Which is actually quite profound.  Eb and I both have an affinity for Paris. (actually... my alter ego is from there but that's for another time).  The concept of the train and how it represents 'the journey' is such a powerful parallel, that the name of her brand is practically a movie.  

It is more than just Eb's journey though.  It represents the idea of accessibility.  Paris representing the goal and the 2 train hailing from meager and humble origins... but nonetheless destined for greatness, it is inspirational. 

The brilliance of it all is that Eb acknowledges that she is appreciating her growth and her change.  It is such an underrated thing, to be appreciative of the current circumstances we are in.  But it's just that, that makes the journey worthwhile.  

My personal take on it... It is not school itself that is a waste of time, it is the lack of application of the lessons learned that makes it wasteful.  The people that come in and out of your life, the situations, ups and downs, the successes, the FAILURES are what mold us and make us ready for the goal.  


So kudos to you Eb!!! For being dope in your own skin.  For setting forth to inspire others to appreciate their journey.  


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