Recently got to catch up with Jasmine.  It is always such a deep experience.  Mostly because with Jasmine, you're forced to go a little deeper.  Jasmine is a cancer survivor, and as amazing as that is, the person that she is, flips your ideas of what cancer looks like, upside down.  She is a model and media personality ... and very much God fearing.  It's interesting to hear her speak about her trials.  Her perspective on having her mother pass in her arms from cancer, only strengthened her and prepared her to battle and defeat it herself.  The name of her organization is "Cancer Looks Like Me"... because people always say to her "I would've never known.  You don't look like..."  Jasmine's intentions now are to help people affected by the disease.  

"One way or another, we are all affected" she says "Pretty much someone we know is affected, has a family member, has a friend that is affected by cancer." 

She's right.  My grandmother passed from it.  I was never really able to come to proper terms with it then.  

One of my greatest spiritual influences passed from it.  He left me with one of the most amazing quotes I have ever heard.  

In a lecture while he was battling the disease, he said,

'So many people are thinking "Why me?"... But actually,  Why NOT me?  I have been chosen to take on this disease for whatever reason, It is the Lord's plan and the most important objective in life is to please Him.' 


Turns out, in 'the church' people have so many disagreements and adverse ideas about things that it can create dissension and make us lose focus, but things become very real when mortality shows up.  We begin to gain clarity and see only the important things.  CRUNCH TIME.  

His cancer brought together so many people, people that had not spoken in decades, people that denounced one another, people that denounced God.  Through it all, he understood God's plan and his service to The Lord was done selflessly.

Speaking to Jasmine, you get a very similar feel.  Like there is a bigger plan and she understands her part in it.  

Extremely blessed.  To hear the calling.  To answer it.  #CancerLooksLikeMe

If Jasmine is not your #WCW today make sure the person who is, earns it.  


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