For the first time in our history, we are consciously living in two different worlds.
There is this material world we live in, where we have to make sense of how to balance our relationships our thoughts, our egos, our spirituality;
Then, there is a virtual world.
Where we live and interact and see in a way that we were never truly prepared for.

In The Bhagavad Gita (scripture from ancient India & one of my favorite books)
God is talking to his disciple about the art of life, and in conversation the disciple says that he wants to know/see everything.
God explains, that we are not meant to know everything. Not only is it impossible for us with our limited perception, senses and ability to process everything, but it’s quite unnecessary.
To make a long story short, the disciple keeps insisting, and God complies. At which point, the disciple freaks out because it is WAAAAY too much for anyone to handle. (& God doesn’t even hit him with the I told you so!! so perfect)

The amount of information that we receive on a daily basis, from social media, news and internet excursions is overwhelming. Especially because the reality of all of those things is skewed, greatly.

We take in the information that is curated for us by algorithms and editors.
We accept, reject, compare, analyze and redistribute large amounts of information that we may not even need. Or at the very least, need to know. more importantly, if perception is reality, this virtual world is real according to our perceptions. It’s real.

We don’t need to know everything… but since we are “here”
my humble offering is to be an observer, exclusively.

When it comes to the consumption of this information, observe.
Once we compare or become critical, it can lead to an overactive ego, longing for things that may not be for us or depression.

Your life is yours. You’d be amazed at how much you don’t want the lives that you see on other people.
What you’re experiencing is your life, your moments your journey. You can better yourself in your own way.
Observe without a vision tinged with wants or dislikes.
Learn to be happy for the success of others without wanting that success.
What’s for them is for them.
What’s for you is for you!


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