Our lives are pretty demanding.
Especially living in NYC. to my great fortune, I have known some genuinely amazing spiritualists. I highly attribute these people for my survival and the small amount of sanity I have been able to enjoy living in this city my whole life.

The thing is, what I learned from them, was not something that was common in my hood growing up. It’s not, nor was it common in any of the neighborhoods of my friends.

My current business model is, rather than talk about the things I think need change, to make those adjustments as well as I can.

Which brings me to this;


I am going to begin a series geared toward anyone that wants to participate, on meditation.

I will be writing more about how it has helped me immensely with everything from perspective to productivity.

I will be doing physical sessions, passing along information and techniques I have been fortunate enough to receive and practice.

Hopefully I will have guests contributors as well.

Please email me thnwblk@gmail.com if you have any interest in participating.

or contact (scroll to the bottom of this page)

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